Project 365-Week 1

I've been busy to say the least, keeping up with the forum and posting photos and voting and newsletters and blogs  and facebook...oh my where does it end...geesh... So here I am posting last weeks first Scrap Page of the year

and then here we are with my Double Scrap Page featuring my Project 365 photos. If you are new to my blog Crafty Susanita and I have started a forum> Each day of the year has an assignment of photo to take. And each week has one scrap page and one double page. So here is the double
If you're intersted it is not too late to join, and we'd love to see what your project looks lik so far.
Be back this week with my ne scrap page :)

FREEBIE from me

It's a new year and I'm hoping that you're starting this year with the intention of it being a great one, because really who ever wishes to have a terrible year? With that being said, Have you decided on joining Project 365 yet? if not it's never too late to start. Today was only the first day. I know 365 days can seem a bit daunting, but Crafty Susanita and I started a forum to help us accomplish the challenge. So if you're interested or at the least would like to take a peek at what we're doing go visit us here.

Well to start off this year I wanted to give you something, it's nothing huge, and really I created it because I needed a photo to put in one of my 10 unfilled frames. So above is the preview. This is a 5x7 size photo easily printable at any walgreens or target. You can get it for free here. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

frequently creating,

Couple of Scrap Pages

...only 4.5 days to go till christmas. Im still not done with my shopping, but thats ok, Im usually still at the stores xmas eve morning and then running home to wrap ALL of the gifts, but no worries, Im not stressed, there's no need to stress. Well Im sure with all this lack of shopping I wont have much time to update the blog, and I didnt want to go off into holiday without saying Merry Christmas... to leave you I created 2 scrap pages, well really just 1 with 2 different backgrounds, I'm not sure which I like better, maybe you can tell me which one you prefer. Check them out:

Well I really do hope you enjoy your holidays and I'll be back soon. If I dont come back before the New Year, I'll be back with Project 365 in mind. If you dont know Project 365 is a challenge to take 1 photograph a day of something different. It's to tell your year through the view of your Nikon Lens (any lens welcome of course). If you're at all interested, come join us in doing it at I'll also be doing Project 52 (1 Scrap a week) and a Double Page Scrap of the photos taken that week. It's really a big project and you can be a part of as much or little of it. I do hope you join's going to be a great 2011!!

frequently creating,

Winter Fantasy by LiseteScrap

I'm in a rush tonight, but I wanted to make sure I posted this for LiseteScrap which I'm a part of her CT.
She has a gorgeous kit in the store "Winter Fantasy" check out the preview and my page.

Well I do hope you love the page I sure do!! My niece is so beautiful and I hope she really likes this.
goodnight...and don't forget about Project 365.... 18 days to go!!!

Scrap Pages

Well for a new post, I'd love to share a few pages I've created these last couple of days.
I actually cannot forget to do Pick A Papers scraps tonight :) this is my reminder!!!

Anyhow on to my pages.

I hope you like them. I really enjoyed making them :) I'll be back with more for Alissa's new store. CONGRATS!!!

Project 365

Im BACK with details on our Project...PROJECT 365 (YAY!) Do I sound overly excited? Am I frightening you? I am sorry, I think the anticipation of Project 365 mixed with the holidays and the really hot vitner spicy cheez kurls i just ate did me in....

But here we are, 23 days till January 1st and I am officially counting down. So if you're at all interested in joining our very fun Project head on over to the forum and register. There you will find all of the details for the daily photos and for our Scrap Page projects. 

What we are doing: One photo per day as assigned on the calendar, One 12x12 Scrap Page due by Tuesday of each week, and one 24x12 scrap page to include your 365 photos of that week due on Saturday of the same week. Now you dont have to participate in all 3 or any for that matter (but we'd absolutely love to have you join) So be sure to go to my wordpress blog to see updates on the photos we'll be taking. This blog will be updated with my scrap pages for the project. I know so many places, but if you follow my blogs you'll get them directly in your email.

I can't wait to see how our 2011 photos turn out....stick around a while and have fun with us or watching us.


It's been a while, but I am back...PROJECT 365 (with a tiny twist)

So I'm back. I've neglected you for a while. I did indeed start a new blog, but I promise that I will also update this one. I've decided to dedicate this blog to my scrapping. will be about everything else, photos, invites and baking and parties...and well more. Since all my fellow scrappers have been following me here. I will not abandon you!

So I am back with an announcement (a MAJOR project) and some scrap pages.

Beginning January 1, 2010 Crafty Susanita and I will embark in PROJECT 365 with our own tiny twist. Details to come once we've settled on them. Now, this isnt anything new, every year us lovely digital scrappers take on this lovely project of photographing one item a day and scrapping all of the photos taken. We all start off pretty excited and with a ton of energy then by day 31 we're lost, no new ideas, everything we think we own has been photographed, we're out of kits to use (thats not possible really with all the freebies you lovely designers love to share). But the mission is to complete it, with each others support...So if you'd like to join us on our crazy 365 day Project, which will be filled with themes, colors, and sure to leave comments and share your own projects and I'll gladly post them on my blog for all to view... If you're new to scrapping and are looking to get a head start on collecting kits and fun things to use for your projects a good place to start is Suzee Q's Stuff  shes a great freebie hunter and always has a ton to display (there has not been a post in a couple of weeks, but you can click on images from her old posts and you'll find a freebie somewhere).

So now on to scrap pages. There are a few more than usual, but how can there not be, I love scrapping.

I am terrible with crediting the designers, and since I'm not at home to look up the files or my notes I'll do it off the top of my head. LiseteScrap, MK Designs, Toma Soloma, After Five Designs Monthly Collab Kit (not displayed in this particular order)... my new years resolution (one of them) be better at crediting the designers who generously create these wonderful kits for my personal use.... if you want to see more of my scrap pages. Head on over to

Cake Pops

Im not sure if you're new to these or not, but they are absolutely AWESOME!!! And by no means am I the creator of these at all, but they are delicious and it does take a few/some steps to complete, but they are well worth it, just ask anyone who tasted mine. Now, i found the recipe at and although mine did not look flawless nor were they the most perfect, they definitely were a hit.
So check out some of the photos I took of the ones I made, and well I'll be making a couple more batches tomorrow, Im so excited they were so good!

As I said these by no means were perfect, I couldnt get the candy melt to smoothen out evenly enough, and I did figure out how to do it, but I think because the candy was too thick it really wasnt helping me smooth it out, it did work for the first 2 or so, a little...LOL! No judging if you havent tried it!! And at the end I just purposely made them look uneven more so than they already were never admit it was done by mistake....(Im only sharing that with you) ha!
Well I hope you like and decide to make these for yourself, they are honestly awesome to make and EAT!
YUMMALICIOUS!!!! off to make some more and I'll post more pics of the process :)